IkamvaYouth Gauteng working with FUN MATHS

IkamvaYouth Gauteng working with FUN MATHS

On Monday 25th June 2013, IkamvaYouth Ebony Park Branch established a way for learners to make well-versed choices with their academics in a program called FUN MATHS. This programme aims at preparing Grade 9 learners to have a solid background in mathematics. IkamvaYouth has been working closely with its feeder schools, in and around the area . The FUN MATHS program took place at one of the feeder schools’ called Tsosolotso Ya Africa High School. The program “FUN MATHS” had learners coming from different schools including Ponelopele Oracle Secondary School and Kaalfontein Secondary.

The program started with 30 learners and went on for two weeks during Winter School starting at 9am till 12pm. Tsosolotso Ya Afrika school’s Principal Miss Ntebo Phahlane said that “The program has good intentions in developing our learners and getting them ready for Mathematics that is generally approached with a negative attitude. I personally think it will install positive attitude towards the subject, I fully support the program”.

One learner- Siphosethu Moyo said , “The program will be a huge help to all the learners from all the schools that are involved and I think generally this will help improve the school’s pass rate in mathematics.” IkamvaYouth is looking forward to continue with the program and influence the pass rates in mathematics in all the neighboring schools by getting more learners to join the FUN MATHS.

IkamvaYouth Gauteng’s Matric Day

IkamvaYouth Gauteng’s Matric Day


With the Matric preparatory exams just under two weeks away, the Ikamva Youth Gauteng team decided to host a Matric Day for all of our super star grade 12 learners for a chance to catch up with their mentors and for a much needed motivational talk on Saturday the 17th. Leaners from both Ivory Park and Ebony Park gathered at the Lord Khanyile Youth centre for a discussion and pep talk with each other about their journey so far and some of the nerves that may be kicking in as they set out to do well in the upcoming prelims.

We also had UMUZI Photo Club come in and do a presentation about their Photography School Academy for our grade 12’s, a first for many matrics who had never previously been exposed to such opportunities. Learners have also been rushing around getting applications ready for further study next year, and as expected were eager for the help and feedback from their mentors. Learners were then treated to a great talk by some of our mentors, fruit from our partner Tzu Chi Foundation as well as yummy refreshments afterwards. To all our Ikamvanites across the country who are embarking on their grade 12 Exam season, Goodluck and remember that IY is rooting for you!

Life Coaching with Simlindile Qiniso Mavundla

Life Coaching with Simlindile Qiniso Mavundla

Life Coaching with Mr Similindile Qiniso Mavundla

It was day 7 of winter school and IkamvaYouthKZN was at it again.  The afternoon activities begun and all learners were excited. Mr Oiniso Mavundla, a young man from the township of Umlazi had asked to work hand in hand with IkamvaYouth and bring in some of his work, as he admires what is already being done with the learners. Qiniso enjoys working with the youth, his main focus is to encourage the youth in developing their skills, building confidence and having a clear mindset to achieve their goals.






Over the course of three days, Qiniso delivered inspirational talks to the grade 11 and 12 learners. He began by introducing himself and his purpose, which is to ensure that each learner is aware of what confidence and positive self-esteem could do for you, improving ones communication skills, knowing your dreams and achievements, and knowing how to get what you want in life.

He then discussed in detail with the learners how a person can develop his or her personal skills. Qiniso mentioned that each learner should have what he calls a “Success Mindset”. He encouraged the learners, to take notes and make use of the info given especially since they are at the point where they are getting closer into entering a new beginning where they will have challenges before adapting to new lifestyles.

In overall this meant that the personal development session helps to equip young people to develop a winning mindset and to overcome some of the biggest obstacles in life, such as fear, self-doubt past failures and help them to tap into a new level of thinking where they will see success and abundance and be able to unleash the success that is lying unused within them.

Qiniso empowered all the learners by his motivational talks, showing them different ways of how to achieve their goals, what to look at when solving their problems, be it at home or at school, how to avoid negativity, and to be aware of the dangers one can encounter in life.

Qiniso seeks to have and continuing relationship with IkamvaYouth as he admires the amount of work that is being done for the learners. We surely look forward in working with him in the near future.

Ikageng Health awareness day

Ikageng Health awareness day


Some say it’s empowering to learn your HIV status, others say its better not to know, Ikageng Ikamvanites decided to take control over their lives and know their HIV status. On the 27th July 2013, IY Ikageng branch dedicated the day for HIV awareness and testing.

The Potchefstroom Hospital’s wellness centre team led by Mr. Ramasimong conducted the health awareness workshop as well as HIV Testing and Counselling. The team took us through HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment as well as care. They encouraged Ikamvanites to empower themselves to be in charge of their own decisions, and make getting tested a regular lifestyle. They provided information on local testing centres and contact persons.  

Mr. Ramasimong emphasised that whether you’ve tested positive or negative, everyone has a role to play in ending HIV/AIDS pandemic. He encouraged Ikamvanites to stop procrastinating and get tested  in campaign for an HIV/ AIDS-free generation. He further encouraged everyone to be part of the solution by always talking to their partner about knowing their status and getting tested before having sex. Ramasimong said ‘If you’re negative, stay negative by using protection each and every time and getting tested regularly’.

”If you’re positive, get treated, though there is no cure yet, there are very effective treatments measures available to help people living with HIV live long healthy lives through use of protection and recomended treatment measures.” The awareness followed individual voluntary testing and counselling on IkamvaYouth staff, tutors and learners

A follow up testing procedure will be arranged in 3 months’ time.

Fear is the biggest destroyer which Ikamvanites managed to conquer, given that we live in an era where treatment is available, HIV is not a death sentence as it is commonly thought to be. Instead, the biggest killer is ignorance. Not knowing your status puts you and others at risk.

Lack of knowledge about HIV results in stigmatization and discrimination hindering chances of an HIV/AIDS free generation as the afected and infected would turn a blind ear in fear of banishement and getting ignored or shunned by their families, communities and work colleagues.

DUT Students make IY mini Doccie

DUT Students make IY mini Doccie

On Wednesday 31 July the Umlazi branch had a visit from DUT journalism students. The visit was for a documentary video shoot for their school project. It was really a simple task for them, come in and take photos and footage of the session and document what happens and how it happens.


The 2 students (2nd year Journalism undergrads Cassandra Zungu and Thobele Nzama) Heard about IkamvaYouth from one of their fellow student and volunteer here at IkamvaYouth , Mxolisi Tanzi. Upon hearing about the programme they decided to profile it for their media planning assignment. They came in and took photos and video footage of the tutoring session. They then interviewed the branch coordinator, one of the volunteer tutors and one of the learners.



They were very polite and were very cautious as to not disturb the actual tutoring session. They asked basic questions like how IkamvaYouth was formed, when? How long have we been in Umlazi? How exactly do people join? They commented that the programme is a very good initiative as education in the township really does need a boost at times. The documentary, once completed will be uploaded to YouTube and we can then share it with our fellow Ikamvanites.

Lloyd Lungu

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2525 Ngcede Grove, Umlazi AA Library, 4031

Lloyd is a self-disciplined and highly goal-driven Industrial Psychology Honours graduate. He is currently a Master's candidate completing his second year of M.Com in Industrial Psychology at the University of the Free State. Lloyd joined IkamvaYouth as a learner in 2012, after matriculating he came back and volunteered as a tutor for the duration of his undergraduate studies at UKZN. He later worked as an Intern in the Chesterville branch. His passion for youth empowerment and inclusion has grown enormously through his time and experience gained within IkamvaYouth and has inspired him to provide career guidance to young township people. He is currently working at the Umlazi Branch as a Branch Assistant.