IkamvaYouth Class of 2018 Placements Report

IkamvaYouth Class of 2018 Placements Report

Each year, IkamvaYouth supports learners to ensure they not only pass matric, but also access post-school opportunities that can lead to them earning a dignified living. These opportunities include tertiary and other training opportunities, learnerships, and employment. In January, we were excited to announce a pass rate of 82% for the class of 2018, with 69.3% eligible for tertiary.

With the dust of the matric pass celebrations having settled, IkamvaYouth is proud to announce a placement rate of 77.7%:

  • 50% learners of the class of 2018 have been placed into post-school opportunities (39.5% are studying at university or college; 6.1% are in short courses, higher certificates and related short term training; 2.1% are enrolled in learnership programmes; 2.3% are  employed)
  • 27.7% are improving their matric results through supplementary exams/upgrading programmes or enrolled in NCV courses at FET colleges.
  • 22.3% are currently not in education, employment, or training (NEETs).

A total of 188 (39.5%) of IkamvaYouth’s 2018 matric learners have secured tertiary placements at various institutions across the country. As has been the trend in recent years, CPUT has the highest number of Ikamvanites enrolled (17 learners). It is encouraging to note that the number of institutions that have enrolled 10 or more Ikamvanites have increased to seven this year (UCT, Rhodes, TUT, UJ, UWC, NWU, CPUT). Last year, only four institutions had 10 or more Ikamvanites enrolled.  

It is also encouraging to note the increase in the number of learners getting into the following institutions, compared to last year:

Ikamvanites are enrolled in a wide range of courses this year, including Humanities & Social Sciences, Business, Administration & Management, Education, as well as Science & Engineering. The diversity of career streams taken by the learners is encouraging, and it makes us proud to be supporting the learners to access these respective career choices.   

Without the support of the branch staff and mentors, some of these learners would not have had the chance to know the courses they are pursuing even existed. One of these learners, Rebaone Moeng, from our Ikageng branch had the following to say:

I have had only positive things to say. IkamvaYouth helped us a lot last year while I was in matric. In simple words, I didn’t think I would be in university, I had limited knowledge of available courses and learned how to apply for enrolment, and course requirements. I would not have even made it through to matric without IkamvaYouth’s assistance. It is because of how much IkamvaYouth invested in me that I decided to become a tutor, for me it was only fair to give back as much as I have received. But also seeing how much IkamvaYouth changes lives from my own experience, being part of that is an honour. There’s a lot one can get from IkamvaYouth and the best part of it all is that you ought to utilise that opportunity because not many people are as fortunate. I honestly had and am still having an amazing experience at IY and I hope to keep being part of the IY family for as long as I can”.

Access to funding for tertiary has improved by close to 20% from last year; 73% of those who accessed tertiary have thus far secured funding through NSFAS as well as other bursaries/scholarships, compared to just 56% last year.

“I am very grateful to the staff for the support that they have given me. I don’t think that I would have made it without them based on the kind of person that I was before”.~Mihlali Breakfast, Joza branch

Mihlali Breakfast joined the Joza branch because he heard some of his friends discussing the level of assistance they were receiving from the IkamvaYouth programme. Mihlali passed his matric with a Bachelor pass, earning two distinctions in Maths Literacy and Isixhosa Home Language. Mihlali is enrolled at Rhodes University, pursuing a Social Sciences Degree. Mihlali has been very consistent in his academic performance throughout this year and attributes that to the support he has received from IkamvaYouth.

Thank you to our funders, tutors, staff and all partners continue to make the journeys to dignified living for our learners a sure possibility. As more and more learners access post-school opportunities, we are confident they are breaking the cycle of poverty in their families one step at a time!

Lloyd Lungu

031 909 3590
2525 Ngcede Grove, Umlazi AA Library, 4031

Lloyd is a self-disciplined and highly goal-driven Industrial Psychology Honours graduate. He is currently a Master's candidate completing his second year of M.Com in Industrial Psychology at the University of the Free State. Lloyd joined IkamvaYouth as a learner in 2012, after matriculating he came back and volunteered as a tutor for the duration of his undergraduate studies at UKZN. He later worked as an Intern in the Chesterville branch. His passion for youth empowerment and inclusion has grown enormously through his time and experience gained within IkamvaYouth and has inspired him to provide career guidance to young township people. He is currently working at the Umlazi Branch as a Branch Assistant.