“These trips made realise how broad the study of nature is”

Afika Mabali, Grade 9


Makhaza has the incredible fortune of having some amazing workshop partners who take our learners all over the province. One such person is Dr. Carl Palmer who throughout his long history in association with Makhaza opened up spaces on various trips around the province, along with students from the ACCESS (Applied Centre for Climatic &Earth Systems Science) programmes.

Two trips this term saw 10 students make their way to the Fossil Park near Langebaan, a place of well-preserved remains of fossil fauna that date to circa 5.2 million years ago and include bones of over 200 different animal species. This trip was a time for our leaner representatives to bond, Luxhase, our Grade 8 rep said “I really enjoyed myself. It was so much fun, I didn’t know much about the history of Fossil Park but trust me now I can tell a lot about it. I am still surprised about the existence of bones on earth. I wouldn’t mind to going there again!”, while Siphokazi, one of Grade 9 reps said “I was so excited about the trip, the most fascinating part for me was the existence of bones for so many years. I cannot believe it, 5 million years ago but we can still see them and identify what they are! Another thing I enjoyed was the beach, even though the winter has started in Cape Town, I never get a chance to go to the beach. Thank You Carl!!”



The second trip was for 10 of the best attending and most improved grade 8 & 9s who met bright and early at the cable car for a long walk up Table Mountain. Phiwe Maliti one of the grade 8 learner said, “The Table mountain trip was fun, I climbed the mountain for the first time in my entire life. Even though it was hard to climb I eventually reached the top! “

Noluntu Marenene said, “I enjoyed the climbing of the mountain. I learnt that when you climb the mountain, the body temperature increases. Also I didn’t know that there are animals that live in Table Mountain such as snakes.  The most exciting part was finally reaching the top, it was a great accomplishment. I would love to go there again. Thanks so much!!”


Big Thanks to Dr Carl Palmer and the ACCESS program for their continued support for our Makhaza branch

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