Take yourself back to high school, back to a time when you did the barest minimum to get through school, a time when you’d rather be outside running around than buried in your school book after school. Some of the grade 11 learners are bucking this trend, and not only are they committed learners at IkamvaYouth (all with 100% attendance) but they also participate in IkamaYouth’s first official Book Club.

While the Book Club is still in it’s infancy they have already all read ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls. They have also tackled all the books in the ‘Twilight’ series, a popular teenage series. As a reward they were all treated to the opening of the ‘Breaking Dawn’ movie (one of the novels in the series).

Lungile Madela had this to say, “Twilight to me is an amazing story, set apart from the world, filled with wonderful characters and a fantastic plot. I’ve had the pleasure of reading all the books thanks to IkamvaYouth, it was an amazing experience for me. The books are very compelling and incredibly hard to put down, once you’ve started you cannot stop. The idea of bringing the books to life on our screens was a magnificent one.

The movies are as great as the books, the characters are exceptionally cast and so alike to the ones’ on the books it’s surreal to picture them elsewhere. In the fourth book of the series,  Stephenie Meyer  has truly outdone herself. She’s created a riveting climax to the story and has us at the edge of our seats. Breaking Dawn Part 1 was a delight for Twilight fans everywhere.

I can’t wait for part 2!!!! Fingers’ crossed for part 3..

If you have any books you’d like to donate or have any contacts to run literary workshops with our learners please contact:

Liesel Bakker  – Makhaza Branch Coordinator

Tel: 079 633 8155

Email: liesel@ikamvayouth.org




Lloyd Lungu

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Lloyd is a self-disciplined and highly goal-driven Industrial Psychology Honours graduate. He is currently a Master's candidate completing his second year of M.Com in Industrial Psychology at the University of the Free State. Lloyd joined IkamvaYouth as a learner in 2012, after matriculating he came back and volunteered as a tutor for the duration of his undergraduate studies at UKZN. He later worked as an Intern in the Chesterville branch. His passion for youth empowerment and inclusion has grown enormously through his time and experience gained within IkamvaYouth and has inspired him to provide career guidance to young township people. He is currently working at the Umlazi Branch as a Branch Assistant.