This day started off with exercises on the field. It was a great start to the day as our minds and bodies were prepared for what would come during the day. After the exercise we all showered and went to breakfast. Breakfast was served between 7:30 and 8:30 and immediately after that, tutoring began.

There were tables set up for the different subjects and each person chose which subject they wanted to do and sat at that table. After an hour we changed to another subject. The tutors were there to help with all our questions and assist us in the different subjects. There was a 30 minute break after the two one hour tutoring sessions. During break everyone could do whatever they wanted to do. Some chose to go and play soccer, others jumped on the trampoline while other were just chatting amongst each other and walking around. Learners from different branches were connecting during the break and that was awesome.

Maths tests were written, one individual one for the pure maths learners and a group test for the maths literacy learners. The test results were an indication of where we are with our grade 11 work and they were not that great. It seems there is a lot of work that learners need to do to understand their previous work so that they can find matric work easier.

The values of IkamvaYouth were discussed as a group and some people found that they resonated more with and understood other values than others. It was clear to all in the room why it was important to have those values as an organisation and what they mean to the organisation and should mean to everyone who is a part of it.

The camp was wonderful in that it was not only about academic work but also a lot of fun, the fun part also being very educational. Learners and tutors were divided into teams and did some teambuilding activities which were challenging but taught something about self as well as about life in general. The concepts and rules of the activities and how people understood them also applied to everyday life.

The last activity of the day was a very emotional one for everyone but it brought people together. All the learners in the room had to write on a piece of paper something that was real to them, either something that was bothering them or something they were struggling with or anything they wanted to share but could not speak openly about, all the papers were anonymous. The activity was very touchy as people were pouring their hearts out. The session ended off with everyone going around and giving each other hugs. It was then lights out at 10:30pm.

Lloyd Lungu

031 909 3590
2525 Ngcede Grove, Umlazi AA Library, 4031

Lloyd is a self-disciplined and highly goal-driven Industrial Psychology Honours graduate. He is currently a Master's candidate completing his second year of M.Com in Industrial Psychology at the University of the Free State. Lloyd joined IkamvaYouth as a learner in 2012, after matriculating he came back and volunteered as a tutor for the duration of his undergraduate studies at UKZN. He later worked as an Intern in the Chesterville branch. His passion for youth empowerment and inclusion has grown enormously through his time and experience gained within IkamvaYouth and has inspired him to provide career guidance to young township people. He is currently working at the Umlazi Branch as a Branch Assistant.