Dawn of a new era for the Ivorians

Dawn of a new era for the Ivorians

The Ivory Park branch team is very excited and motivated after securing a new tutoring venue and office at Kaalfontein Secondary School. Venue instability has threatened the branch’s existence for very long, following a short notice eviction from the Ivory Park Youth Centre in December 2013.  This was due to political controversies raised by the Greater Midrand Youth Council (GMYC) management committee leading to imposition of threats that could compromise the safety and security of IkamvaYouth staff, volunteers and learners.

The branch was then temporarily housed at the Ivory Park Community Stadium where space issues were still not entirely solved as learners were studying crowded in a very small hall that was also shared with Churches. The Ivory Park branch staff was also temporarily accommodated at the Ebony Park branch  in a small and unsafe office. The staff would travel to the tutoring venue for every tutoring sessions. The conditions at the stadium did not allow learners to makeup days or come study at any times as tutoring was restricted to only 3 days a week as per the agreed MOU. The venue also made it difficult for staff to invite or meet with stakeholders as well as to track, meet and help the grade 12 learners with applications. Learners could not benefit from resources like photocopying, internet and full support from staff due to these conditions.

Moving to Kaalfontein Secondary and securing enough space for tutoring and office has opened up unlimited opportunities that include opening up of a computer lab that will benefit Ikamvanites and the school from 2015. Communicating and meeting stakeholders would be more convenient, all learners will benefit from the programme equally, being able to access the required support to ensure improved pass marks and success at matric level, and recruiting and retaining volunteers would be manageable with a stable venue.

I would like to acknowledge the interventions made by our stakeholders, to mention Kaalfontein School Principal and the SGB, TziChi as well as the IkamvaYouth team for playing a significant role in making this venue possible despite all challenges faced.

More than 10 Boxes full of books and stationery were delivered in Makhaza

More than 10 Boxes full of books and stationery were delivered in Makhaza

Palm Stationery Manufactures Sponsors Makhaza with over 300 books

More than 10 Boxes full of books and stationery were delivered in Makhaza on Friday, 8 August 2014 by Palm Stationery. This donation was made to assist learners in keeping record of their studied material and to be able to evaluate their work.

Palm Stationery Manufactures are based in KwaZulu Natal, the company was established in August 1995. Palm Stationery Manufacturers have grown from a manufacturer of solely schoolbooks to manufacturers of an entire range of scholastic and office stationery products as well as polypropylene document filing solutions.


They have recognized the great impact that has been achieved by IY. Their amazing contribution will insure that learners have stationery supplies up until they close school for the year.


The great contribution was welcomed with such excitement by the learners as each one got a book, ruler, pencil and pen that they can always bring with them when to their tutoring sessions. The books will serve as study and revision notes for all learners for all the work they cover in tutoring sessions and practicing at home.

One grade 8 learner beaming with excitement said “These books have come at a right time as all my books are near full, I am thankful to the amazing people at Palm stationery”.

On behalf of IkamvaYouth and its learners, I would like to forward a huge thank you for your generous contribution in support of our mission.


WC Matric Camp 2014

WC Matric Camp 2014

Following the success of the matric camp in 2013, the WC team ran the second annual matric camp following directly on after the two weeks of winter school in July.  This year saw 85 matrics from the Western Cape branches as well as from the Eastern Cape get together for a week getaway at the Rotary Glencairn camp site, for 5 days of intensive tutoring, academic workshops and exam practice.



The first day saw all the learners arriving at the site and participating energetic team-building exercises to help break the ice as learners started interacting more freely across the branches, working collectively to earn points for their various teams. True to ikamvanite culture, tutoring started in earnest from day one and the learners spent the rest of the afternoon working through past exam papers and Answer Series guides.

Throughout the camp learners have all managed to take part in a variety of activities aimed at preparing them for their final exams and tertiary studies. From intensive tutoring and exam practice to workshops around how to study effectively and evening self study times.


While the camp is a serious study boot camp, with tutoring happening from early in the morning until late into the night, the learners found the time to energise themselves through the terrible weather with an impromptu talent show where learners mixed things up between branches for an evening of singing, dancing, stand up comedy and drama.  I’m convinced the next MC Solaar is in this group! 

Sixolisiwe sibebosi , a volunteer said the following: ‘The matric camp was very productive to me. Firstly everything was well prepared, the kids were hungry to learn something and that gave me a lot of courage and it motivated me to make sure that I give all and make a change. IkamvaYouth changed my life and I also passed my matric because of IkamvaYouth and matric camp so it was a minor thing for me tor do, I wish I could do more.’


Bonke Sibunzana, a learner from Masi said the following, what I liked about matric camp was how committed the tutors were. They encouraged us to use the tutoring time wisely. I also like how united we were as ikamvanites. We showed love and support for each other ‘, while Nobulali Swaartbooi from Nyanga said ‘Matric camp was a great experience. It was great learning with people from different schools and coming together with all our different ideas.’

This strongly echoes IY’s value of peer-to-peer sharing and IY is excited to witness the fruit of the Matric camp as the learners write their mock exams in September and final exams in November. 

A very special thank you to Pick’n Pay Fish Hoek, for generously supplying camp catering, and ensuring that all our learners, volunteers and staff are well fed every day of the camp; Rotary for their beautiful camp sites and ERM for the donation of solar lamps for all our matric learners. This gives out learners going into their final exams the opportunity to study at home in the evenings, thanks ERM!



Good luck for the final exams IY 2014 Matric Class! 

Ebony Park Winter School 2014

Ebony Park Winter School 2014

The Ebony Park Branch hosted one of the best winter schools ever this year! With a cohort of 190 learners, the branch was a hub of excitement right from the first day. Our tutors did not disappoint as they came through with such motivation and determination to usher in the education revolution that our communities are in real need of.

On the first day, the 30th of June, we were proud to have one of our greatest role models, Khetha Dlamini as our guest speaker. All learners with 100% attendance in term 2 were awarded with special prizes and tutoring went underway straight after the opening ceremony. Tutoring was done differently this year as we decided to map out a programme of subjects that will be done throughout the 10 days. This was in an effort to make sure the learners cover all their subjects.

The branch partnered with organisations such as LoveLife and Extreme arts and these organisation took over the afternoon sessions until 4pm. LoveLife equipped the learners with HIV/AIDS knowledge whilst Extreme Arts helped the learners explore their artistic talents. There was also a debate club led by our committed volunteers that helped learners with knowledge on what debate is and how they can be good debaters. 

The Foundation for Professional Development came through to conduct HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis testing on the 2nd of July and this gave the learners an opportunity to be responsible for their own health. The week got better and better, with Tzu Chi Foundation, coming through to donate rice and stationery to our learners. 

On the 11th of July,our last day of tutoring, ABI hosted all our learners at their plant in Clayville. The learners enjoyed this excursion so much that they did not want to leave the ABI premises. Many young minds were inspired and many dreams took a giant leap towards their fulfillment. The most exciting thing is that our winter school can now be seen on a youtube channel (here) created by our media team. 

Thanks to everyone who supported us!

Nyanga Winter School 2014

Nyanga Winter School 2014

Nyanga Winter School 2014 kicked off on a high note as 107 learners and 32 tutors congregated at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) for an unforgettable 2 weeks of intensive learning, revision and workshops.

Our Winter School opening ceremony was colourful, with learners, tutors and staff talking, singing and laying out the ground rules to govern our behaviour and engagement for the two weeks. Our host, Wandisile Mdepa, representing UWC welcomed the learners and encouraged them to work hard, pursue excellence and make the most of the opportunity afforded them by IkamvaYouth while they are still in school.


During the two weeks, Nyanganites participated in 16 different workshops in a variety of interest streams, namely film, media, journalism, drama, business, finance, history, technology, engineering, the environment, life skills, and career guidance.  All Nyanganites participated in compulsory workshops on social media, hosted by Mxit Reach, and an HIV/AIDS and TB session hosted by the SACTWU worker health program, after which there was voluntary HIV testing. The Jewish museum generously sponsored an afternoon educational tour of the museum, and the outing was one of the highlights of Winter School for many of the learners.



Nyanga tutors showed remarkable dedication to the learners as they tutored tirelessly for the 9 days, making recommendations for how best to help individual learners in the different areas covered. A record 16 ex-learners tutored at this Winter School, and their presence and stories inspired many Nyanganites and encouraged them in their aspirations to pass Matric and access tertiary education, in pursuit of a dignified living.

Here is what some Nyanganites had to say about this year’s Winter School:

‘I want to thank all the tutors for sacrificing their time to come and teach us what they know. It’s not easy to wake up so early everyday but you tutors have shown that you care about us and our education and we will work hard to make sure that we make you proud.’  Grade 11 learner.

‘I have learnt many things at Winter School, especially in the workshops. I learnt that it is not safe to put all my information on Facebook because there are dangerous people out there, and I must always be careful.’ Grade 10 learner.

Nyanga Winter School 2014 was definitely a success and this was possible because of the combined effort of everyone who planned it and our different partners who conducted workshops.  Thank you to UWC for hosting us and to all our workshop facilitators. The full list of organisations, companies and individuals who conducted workshops is as follows:Cape Town Science Centre, Capitec Bank, Environmental Resource Management, Mxit Reach, IkamvaYouth Nyanga tutors, South African Astronomical Observatory, SACTWU Workers’ Health program, Safety Lab, SA Jewish museum, Save Our Seas, SunStep, Lufefekazi Jojo, Raldo Kruger, Sonwabile Dwangu, Tendekai Finos and Ziyanda Tshoki.

Thank you all for your contribution. IkamvaYouth Nyanga appreciates you very much and looks forward to a continued partnership with you.



Masi Strategic Planning Weekend 2014

Masi Strategic Planning Weekend 2014


On the 15th and 16th March 2014, Masi hosted its annual SPW. Duing this weekend 20 learners, tutors and staff members came together to plan the year ahead taking into consideration all that has happened at the branch and all the hurdles that we must still overcome. Shuvai Finos (Nyanga Branch Coordinator) and Siphelele Madabula (Nyanga Branch Assistant) facilitated and ran the SPW.

The first part of the weekend was to trace the steps of the branch via a timeline that was done by the learners in collaboration with the tutors. Thereafter, the various challenges and burning issues of the branch were tabled out with the sole purpose of finding the more sustainable and realistic solutions going forward. After a very enlightening day of brain power and fun, the first day of SPW was done.




Day two began with was became the highlight of the weekend, the election of a new Branch Comm. It was interesting to see just how much potential in vested within each Masinite as they all stood and offered themselves to serve the Branch and be a beackon of hope in the community. After the excitement, it was back to work for us all. At this point, the Masinites had to lay out the year plan for the branch, ensuring that it was realistic and speacific. After a very tiring two days, SPW was done and all the attendees agreed that although they realised that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, they were all very excited to see the branch grow. In the masi_spwreport_2014.pdf a more detailed report of all that happened during the weekend and all the great work that is to be done at the branch is provided. Please take some time to read through it and then watch this space. To infinity and beyond! 

Lloyd Lungu

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2525 Ngcede Grove, Umlazi AA Library, 4031

Lloyd is a self-disciplined and highly goal-driven Industrial Psychology Honours graduate. He is currently a Master's candidate completing his second year of M.Com in Industrial Psychology at the University of the Free State. Lloyd joined IkamvaYouth as a learner in 2012, after matriculating he came back and volunteered as a tutor for the duration of his undergraduate studies at UKZN. He later worked as an Intern in the Chesterville branch. His passion for youth empowerment and inclusion has grown enormously through his time and experience gained within IkamvaYouth and has inspired him to provide career guidance to young township people. He is currently working at the Umlazi Branch as a Branch Assistant.