Mentor Launch

Mentor Launch

Matric 2017

“You learn something every day if you pay attention” by Ray LeBlond

 The mentoring programme is a first for the Kuyasa branch as it also hosts its first class of matrics. The branch opened its doors to grade 11 learners only in 2016 and we are excited for what 2017 has to offer.  A mentor helps a learner make positive choices about their future and enables them to choose which career path to follow and to have a good idea of career options available to them after Matric. Mentors provide guidance on academic opportunities.


On Saturday the 21st of January the first mentoring session was held at Kuyasa Library. In attendance there were parents and learners awaiting to meet the new mentors for the year 2017. Ntombi, Kuyasa Programme Coordinator, introduced the mentors to the parents and learners and provided a refresher for everyone as to what IkamvaYouth offers. Parents were informed about mentoring, what it entails and how they can support mentors throughout the year by ensuring that the learners benefit from the mentoring programme .Mentors were given a chance to introduce themselves, share what their current professions are and why they volunteered to be a part of the mentoring program.


The learners were allocated time to introduce themselves to the mentors and share their aspirations. The learners were both anxious and excited as they had to express themselves in front of their parents and the unfamiliar faces of their new mentors. The parents and mentors cheered as they heard the learners share their goals and the career paths that they want to follow in the next five years.

The mentors and mentees were paired based on career interests to enable the mentor to provide solid guidance to their mentee. Ntombi shared the mentor-mentee passports with the mentors which allow the pair to track their progress against the months. The passport provides a list of activities to be completed in the monthly mentoring gatherings.  


Celebrating excellence through our year end Prize Giving event!

Celebrating excellence through our year end Prize Giving event!


Photo of Ikamvanites, Parents and IY Relatives

The event is where we celebrated a wonderful year of many significant achievements. The branch equally acknowledged all the Ikamvanites who used the opportunity in the year striving towards personal growth and academic excellence. Each learner received a branded coffee mug with the IkamvaYouth logo and a personalized name, a certificate recognising their academic excellence.

Presented by the Kuyasa Progamme Coordinator, Ntombi Mahlangu, 80 prize giving awards were awarded for the following mentioned categories (see below).


Photo: Ntombi (Left) presenting an award on Outstanding Commitment Approach to Learning to Silindokuhle Madzwila (Right)

These are the descriptions of each award presented at the end of the year function;

? Persistent Ikamvanite 2016
? Responsible And Enthusiastic Approach to Education
? Growth And Progress Award
? Mathematics Enthusiast
? Communication With Confidence and Charisma 2016
? Outstanding Commitment Approach to Learning
? Excellent Academic Progress in Accounting
? Commendable Consistency and Perfect Attendance Record
? Academic Excellence Enthusiast
? Principal of the Year Mr A. Magadla from Siphamandla Secondary School
? Tutoring Venue of the Year Kuyasa Public Library
? Parent of the Year (Ms Ntuli and Ms Mangweni)


Photo: Ntombi presenting awards to a team of Kuyasa Volunteers

The following awards were presented to volunteers;

? Excellence In Mathematics And Science Tutor
? Mathematics And Science Leading Tutor
? Accounting And Commerce Enthusiast Tutor


Photo: Yonela Sitawuti demonstrating IkamvaYouth motto that we live by daily at our tutoring space; our organizational motto is “The Future Is In Our Hands“.

Prizes and gifts were all well received by learners, parents and stakeholders. Moreover, the parents and IY relatives were hugely impressed with the achievements and attitude of all of our Ikamvanites.

With only 10 months running in the Kuyasa space, for each and every learner, the branch still strives towards helping learners achieve academic excellence, personal development and success in all their future aspiration. We are so proud working with such an excellent team dedicated towards achievement of positive goals.


Photo: Ikamvanites showing appreciation to Merrypak for a donation of mailing tubes

We would like to thank Merrpak located in Ndabeni for supporting our Prize Giving event through a donation of 48 Mailing Tubes that assisted in arranging the assortment of certificates awarded to Ikamvanites.

We are looking forward to the New Year, 2017!!

We Are Ready For Matric 2017!

We Are Ready For Matric 2017!

About our workshops

The first session was a parents meeting which ran from 10h00am until 11h30am. The induction is tailored to inform parents on the learners matriculation prospects and providing progress reports on Ikamvanites attending our after-school tutoring classes. It is refreshing to see parents taking initiative by showing interest in their children’s academic progress and the work that we do.

The second session was our grade 11 workshop that ran from 11h35 to 13h30pm. See the picture below of our Ikamvanites, fully dressed in their designated school uniforms.


What The Grade 11 Induction Workshop Entails?

This induction workshop introduced both our current grade 11 Ikamvanites and parents to the structure of our tutoring and mentoring programmes for 2017. The workshop specifically focused on setting expectations, the procedures, practices and requirements for the  programme.

Also covered in both workshops were the differences between the three pass levels namely: the Higher Certificate, Diploma and Bachelors Degree (which was previously known as an exemption). This was covered by Ntombi Mahlangu, the Kuyasa Programme Coordinator.  The induction process included the pass requirements for each of these levels; the prerequisites for tertiary enrolment; what is meant by conditional acceptance and what to do in order to satisfy the requirements for full admission at certain tertiary institutions.  Furthermore during the session with the learners, they were taught to calculate for themselves their matric pass type using mock academic reports so they could be aware of their term 3 pass status. For your interest, click here  for the matric pass type calculator.

The induction programme was well received by both parents and learners. They remarked that it did not only provide both parents and Ikamvanites with crucial information about the learners’ next step as matriculants, but it also enabled Ikamvanites to become more positively aligned with their personal goals.  


We are proud of all Kuyasa Ikamvanites! Through their constant effort they have managed to maintain outstanding academic performance.


We are looking forward to seeing many of our amazing parents again in 2017!



Congratulations To Our Kuyasa Ikamvanites For An Exceptional Performance During August

Congratulations To Our Kuyasa Ikamvanites For An Exceptional Performance During August

Five of the grade 11 learners from Kuyasa branch, Nandipha Mnani, Khanya Mabeke and Bongile Mfikili, represented Siphamandla Senior Secondary School to take part in the annual school mathematics challenge. This year, our learners got a chance to compete with a number of 65 schools from various areas in Western Cape, as well as compete under immense pressure. We are proud to announce that Ikamvanites secured the 6th place in the competition. We are ecstatic of their achievement.

Above Photo: The Sphamandla Secondary School Learners 

During the same day, two of our Ikamvanites, Ntomboxolo Kraqa and Vuyisanani Mkhize, were part of selected 25 top achieving learners. The selection was from 2 high schools in Khayelitsha recognizing the academic excellence of the learners. Their hard work was rewarded with a restful weekend getaway at a 5 star hotel in Newlands to celebrate their success.

Photo Above: Vuyisanani (Left) and Ntomboxolo (Right)

We would like to thank IkamvaYouth volunteers who spent time after school to help prepare these diverse learners to improve academic achievement across ability levels and content areas.

We are very proud of the Ikamvanites as well as the rest of the selected learners.

You have all done IkamvaYouth proud!

Kuyasa’s inaugural open-day

Kuyasa’s inaugural open-day

Our newly launched Kuyasa branch hosted its first open-day on Saturday the 23rd of April 2016. Learners and parents gathered at Kuyasa Library, where our new branch is located. New applicants from different schools across Khayelitsha came to hear what IkamvaYouth has to offer for the rest of the year. A total number of 110 learners and parents were in attendance.

Zukiswa Gavu-Booi, the new Programme coordinator of IkamvaYouth Kuyasa, gave a warm welcome to all the learners, parents and volunteers present at the event. Zukiswa also shared a presentation about IkamvaYouth and its programmes then proceeded to explain the IkamvaYouth model and what is expected of an Ikamvanite. Part of that was outlining the 75% attendance requirement and explaining the reasons for dismissals/kick-outs.

It was exciting to see the commitment from the parents and learners; even on a cold and rainy day, the training room at Kuyasa Library was fully packed and everyone in attendance stayed until the end of the program.

A Q&A session was facilitated by our ever enthusiastic Makhaza Branch Coordinator, Busiswa”Ms. B”Dayimani. Parents and learners asked very relevant questions, such as how to overcome challenges that might impact a learner’s attendance to which Busiswa gave clarity.

We opened this branch because we saw a great demand from the learners around Kuyasa, Harare and surroundings. Learners at IkamvaYouth Kuyasa will not only be tutored, but they will also get the chance to take part in other programmes that IkamvaYouth offers such as Career Guidance, Mentoring, Operation Fikelela (Computer literacy), Health and Life skills as well as Media Image and Expression where they will be given an opportunity to showcase their talents in poetry, visual arts, and music.

We’re in the process of recruiting tutors for the branch, so if you are interested in becoming a volunteer tutor you can sign up here.

Lloyd Lungu

031 909 3590
2525 Ngcede Grove, Umlazi AA Library, 4031

Lloyd is a self-disciplined and highly goal-driven Industrial Psychology Honours graduate. He is currently a Master's candidate completing his second year of M.Com in Industrial Psychology at the University of the Free State. Lloyd joined IkamvaYouth as a learner in 2012, after matriculating he came back and volunteered as a tutor for the duration of his undergraduate studies at UKZN. He later worked as an Intern in the Chesterville branch. His passion for youth empowerment and inclusion has grown enormously through his time and experience gained within IkamvaYouth and has inspired him to provide career guidance to young township people. He is currently working at the Umlazi Branch as a Branch Assistant.