Its that time of the year again. We have reached that crucial midyear point. Umlazi started operations on the 14th of April 2012, tutoring began on the 23rd with just 18 learners. Winter School sees a number of 58 learners and 14 tutors making up the Umlazi team.

It’s been a very interesting time for us here in Umlazi, challenges galore but we made it through. When the branch started operating we sat with 18 learners for 2 whole weeks. We had to approach schools over again and convince learners face to face at assembly that we are here to help them. Our biggest ally in getting the learner number up to the target (50) has been the learners themselves. They are so happy with the help they are getting that they just seem to bring more and more of their friends. 

We now sit with 58 learners in the space of 2 months and the number is set to grow with time. The great thing is that even the number of local volunteers is increasing. In the 2 weeks leading up to Winter School we have 3 new tutors from the neighbourhood come in and join 🙂 

Looking forward to our first Winter School as a new branch.