After an intense 2 weeks of tutoring and workshops for almost 100 learners, Nyanga tutors spent a very well deserved afternoon at Ace’s in Khatyelitsha, for their tutor appreciation.

This year’s tutor appreciation was unique and extra special, since the majority of tutors who participated are Nyanga ex-learners from the classes of 2011, 12 and 13. As such, the tutor appreciation became something of a re-union for these Nyanganites who were once learners together, and are now paying it forward by tutoring younger ikamvanites during school and university holidays.  

The superheroes chose the theme  ‘Lets cool the sweat’  in recognition of the hard work they put in over the 10 days of Winter School during the July holidays.

One of the tutors had the following to say: ‘I really agree with the team when they say we’re cooling the sweat. We worked very hard those 10 days; running to Zolani Centre in the morning to catch the bus, intense tutor meetings with disagreements and livey debates and of course the tutoring everyday.’

Well done to our committed volunteers who made Winter School a success, and your appreciation event was well deserved!