Around 2.30pm on Saturday 20 October, the first parents crossed the library doors to attend the Term 4 Parent’s meeting.

Besides explaining the IkamvaYouth aim, we first communicated the IkamvaYouth vision to the parents: “1,000,000 learners will be passing matric with flying colours in 2030, getting access to post school opportunities and generating a dignified income”. In fact we want to make them dream with us, to make them feel integrated to the process of making a difference.



In order to reach the stars, we need a high commitment from both parents and learners. Therefore we made a point on the attendance process, kick-outs, school report collection and analysis. Simultaneously, the Masi branch needs to have a pool of regular tutors. We invited the parents to come and tutor and/or recommend some of their friends who might be interested. In fact, offering a good tutoring quality comes from the small tutoring groups (1 tutor for 5 learners). At last, parents asked questions around how to get more involved and having more feedback from IkamvaYouth.

Thank you to all the parents who are one of our partners of choice in Education. Let’s take another step together!