On the 13 March 2011 the Ikamva Youth Nyanga Branch hosted its first tesing day for 2011

Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation partnered up with the Nyanga Branch in educating the learners about the importance of knowing your staus and being healthy, a talk was given by Sister Liz of the Tutu testers about the importance of preventing ones self from the HIV virus and why it is imporatnt that learners should test and know their staus early as possible

One of  Ikamva Youth’s goal is to assist learners to lead healthy and responsible lives through knowing their status early and taking the necessary procautions when they know

The Tutu testers came with their mobile testing unit and openned up time during the Saturday tutoring session for a group of 6 leaners at a time, to go and test while learners and tutors continued with the normal tutoring for the day

The learners were encouraged to test but also told that testing is ones choice and no one will be forced to test if they dont want to, as Sis Liz mentioned the testing is “voluntary”

Our next tesing day will be held after our Winter School in July!


Waiting for their results after the health screening, TB, BMI, and HIV!

Now we know our status, Do You know yours?

BMI testing!!