Nazeem "Pepe" Hendricks

Training Coordinator

Nazeem, better known as Pepe, Hendricks grew up during a period of apartheid that inspired him to develop integrity, dignity and resilience in a constant struggle towards promoting peace, socio-economic transformation and justice through various interventions. As a practitioner his quest is to promote the spirit of ubuntu and psycho-spiritual growth in his work. As a seasoned practitioner, he has worked with corporates, government entities, academic institutions, corporates and civil society organisations. He has practised on local and global platforms in humanitarian development, conflict interventions and peaceable methodologies. As a seasoned educationist and accredited assessor, he has vast experiences in leadership and management, community development, and adult education, which include developing and facilitating SETA-accredited courses, qualifications, and learnerships as well as lecturing, mentoring and coaching. His portfolio of skills includes research, advocacy, project management, communication, networking, marketing, capacity building, organisational development, critical reviews and youth development. He is a published editor, an artistic and creative practitioner, and holds a BA (Psychology) Honours Degree from the University of the Western Cape.