Initiated in July 2010 by the World Teach volunteers, the Masi Man Club’s has been created for answering youth concerns, promoting personal development, supporting collective actions within the Masiphumelele Community.

In 2011, the Masi Man Club’s members have been really active in supporting people who have been affected by the fire in May 2011. In fact, they volunteered their time to help carry building material and rebuild houses.

The format of each session answers 3 requirements:

 –  To be outside of the Library or outside the Community,

 –  To have a physical activity through sports or collective games,

 –  To provide time for a topic discussion.

Nick Jones, history teacher and tutor at the Masiphumelele Branch, took over the Masi Man Club to propose a space where Ikamvanites can raise their concerns, express their opinions; propose solutions in a safe environment.

Members proposed the following topics to be discussed and developed along the year:
–  What does that mean to be a Man for me today?
–  What are the different kinds of relationships? And how a young man will deal with them?
–  Peer pressure and peer support?
–  Drug abuse and risks behaviours
–  Protected sex.
–  Dealing with my emotion.
–  Get more information on fire safety, and get skills to answer this issue in the community.
–  Career choices
–  Hiking
–  Repartition of tasks within the members
–  Fundraising for the Masi Man Club activities and outings.


To be continued… 🙂