Saturday 20 April marked Nyanga’s first official parents’ meeting for 2013. The meeting started a little later than anticipated, as we waited for the parents to arrive, but soon, many of them did, and the meeting started in earnest.

 Shuvai, the branch co-ordinator welcomed the parents and introduced the staff and tutors who were present, then handed over to Siphelele, the branch assistant, who then ran the meeting. Siphelele introduced the parents to IY and explained the tutoring program, since the majority of Nyanga’s learners this year are first time ikamvanites whose parents had not yet had a chance to learn about IY from staff members.

 Key issues raised in the meeting include learners missing tutoring on account of bad weather, parents’ concerns about gangsterism and violence as impediments to learners attending and a plea to parents to collaborate with branch staff  in monitoring attendance, communication and report collection.

 Xola Booi, an ex-learner turned tutor, also got a chance to tell the parents about her experience at IkamvaYouth since 2010 when she joined the branch as a grade 10 learner, and received applause from the parents for sharing so clearly and expanding on issues parents were unclear on.

 The morning ended on a high note, with staff meeting individual parents to discuss learners and other concerns, over light eats.

 A successful parents’ meeting indeed!