Tutors from Nyanga branch were appreciated for all their hard work and dedication for the past six months and more especially their commitment at the winter school. Tutors went to Grandwest on Saturday afternoon after the fun day which included learners from all the Western Cape branches and staff. The afternoon was filled with excitement and enthusiasm from morning till end. 

At Grandwest the tutors played games, go karting, bowling and more. The time together allowed the tutors to bond and get to know eachother more personally. This was a great opportunity to share ideas of how Nyanga branch can improve, as this was a more relaxed atmosphere. Viwe Mgoqi our intern said “the afternoon was great and the games were fun”. “was just awesome being outside the office with the gang, everyone was just having fun and the change of environment was just what I needed” Busiswa Dayimani also a nyanga intern added.

Our tutors are now hyped up for tutoring and for the rest of the year, helping out and volunteering their time to the learners. The future is even brighter now for Nyanganites.