The Nyanga Branch on the 26 March 2011 held its very own independent SPW which was attended by learners and tutors from the Nyanga Branch and visited by Joy and Zoe

This has been a very excitting weekend for the Nyanga Branch as it was two days of planning the year and reflecting on the succeses and acheivements we have had, the memebers took time to know each other better and share reasons why they are part of Ikamva Youth

On the 26th we discussed issues that the branch is facing and reasons for those issues, where we broke into groups and had to come up with solutions and ways to make the Nyanga Branch meet everyones needs as best as possible

As it was our very first SPW as a branch we had the time to really focus on branch specific issues and realise that all IY branches have common and individual issues facing each branch,the day was dedicated to addressing themes that came up in our group discussions

The following day we dedicated the day to planning and putting dates for all actions to be taken, we spent the last day of the weekend setting realistic goals and deadlines so that this year  we meet our  goals, seeing that we have more capacity than any other years

To find the spw report press here:

The weekend has been a very fruitful weekend and has left the Nyanganites ready to take this year by STORM!!!