This September holiday, Nyanganites have been privileged to participate in a history workshop conducted by Andrea Sanke at Zolani Centre. The workshop, aptly titled ‘Our history, our world’ has taken the group of 12 through more than 50years of world history in just 6 days.  From North America, to Eastern Europe and South Africa, the workshop has covered such topics as the World Wars, the War on Terror, and Julius Malema. The learners have enjoyed learning about different historical figures and events, researching people and asking questions. The workshop will culminate in an in-class presentation where each learner presents on their chosen historical figure.

Workshop facilitator, Andrea said that the workshop will impart research, English and presentation skills to the learners, in addition to learning a bit more about the world around them.

Thank you Andrea for taking the time to enrich the minds of Nyanganites!