My name is Sesethu Nika, doing my 1st year at UCT 

I joined Ikamva Youth (Makhaza Branch) in the year 2012 while doing grade 11. A friend of mine brought Ikamva to my attention so I decided to apply. Luckily for me I got accepted. Joining Ikamva was the most helpful decision for my academic life.

Even though I was an average learner, I needed an environment that would allow me to reach my fullest potential and Ikamva Youth provided me with that platform. Not only did I get great assistance with my academics but I also got a chance to make new friends and meet phenomenal and inspirational people.

Attending the career exhibitions with my fellow Ikamvanites helped me a lot. I got to see what my strength and weaknesses are in order for me to choose the career path that was most suitable for me. I also got involved in the Ikamva Youth Debate Club which helped increase my confidence levels and public speaking skills. Ikamva prepared me for the big bad world.

With all of the assistance, positive energy, encouragement and inspiration from both tutors and learners, I was aspired to work harder and achieve my best. Because of my matric results I was accepted at UWC and UCT and decided to take the UCT offer.

I am currently a student at UCT doing a degree in BSocSci majoring in Environmental and Geographical Science as well as Public policy Administration. Life at university is not all roses. It is quite demanding and needs someone who is focused and knows what they want to achieve in life. Having independence is wonderful and helps one find their feet and be able to stand on their own. Unlike high school where one can depend on educators, university is a totally different story.

Getting to university is not a walk in the park and completing a degree is even more challenging. One has to know what they want in life, they has to be hungry for education. Having education is the sharpest weapon that one can use to fight against poverty, crime, unemployment, ignorance and all other forces that are preventing people from reaching success.

Like all Ikamvanites would say “Ikamva Lisezandleni Zethu”..