Ikageng branch formed their first Branch Com during this year’s SPW in April. One of the mandates for this year’s Branch Com was to ensure that the branch implements all the programmes forming part of the IY Model. To ensure this, Branch Com members heading these programmes were to ensure that they plan and execute different activities for their portfolios during the course of the year.  Following this, a Media Committee was formed during Winter School, under the Media, Image and Expression Portfolio. The Media Committee was formed by learners who were interested to take care of the media coverage of the Winter School.  The Committee produced photos, video recordings and written reports of all activities and events during the Winter School.

From this initiative, the branch saw a need to develop the skills  and further empower and guide them to broader career and recreational opportunities.  The branch approached one of the producer at the local radio station- Ms Kgalalelo Sennano, to guide and provide support to these talented Ikamavanites. After just one meeting with her, Ms Kgalalelo enthusiastically agreed to facilitate a series of workshops for our Media Committee. These workshops  aims to:

  • Provide knowledge and information
  • Encourage them  to explore career opportunities in media
  • Use media to address the social issues faced both by the community and youth in general
  • Use media as an educational resource as well as a tool for expression.

Our Media Workshops run over 11 Saturdays, starting from the 13th of  September 2014 to the 6th of December 2014. With these workshops,  we hope to build more fruitful relationships with the radio station and other local media houses to empower our youth and give back to our community.hipp