On the 12th of April 2014 all 21 of our grade 12 learners, accompanied by 4 of our tutors, attended an Open Day that was hosted by UCT at the Upper Campus of the University. The purpose of the day was to expose grade 12 learners to the various career opportunities available at the institution, the requirements for each and what one must do in order to access such opportunities. 

Upon arrival out Masinites were out and about siezing the moment and opportunity. An interesting part of the day was seeing how the matrics were hungry for knowledge and insight about UCT and all the available opportunities. From stall to stall they moved asking questions and collecting support materials that were available at each faculty booth. 

The Open Day was a great opportunity for the learners to equip themselves for the rest of their matric year and for their upcoming application process. Going through the various faculty booths the learners appeared to be having fun and also appeared to be gaining a lot of knowledge about all the opportunities available at UCT. It also became clear how benefitial such events are in creating a sence of onness and morale amongst the learners.