For some, the perfect staff team building/recharge day would be activities such as a relaxed lunch/picnic, or perhaps a spa session. For the KZN team, it was paintballing! What better way to let off some steam than shooting at your colleagues? And with only one male in the KZN team, it was pretty obvious who would leave the arena with the most bruises (bwaahaaahaaahaa!!!). 

On the real though, we’re not a violent bunch. And the aim of the day was really just for us all to get together in a context completely different from what we’re used to. After all, that’s what IY is all about, stepping out of our comfort zone, taking over new territories, fighting battles, and coming out of them battered and bruised at times, but victorious in the end. This simulated battle was the perfect way to start the new year. For me, it reminded me that even when I have attacks coming from all sorts of angles, I have a team that’s got my back.

Lunch at a local shisanyama was the perfect ending to a fantastic day spent with an amazing group of people with one common goal: making a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged communities we work in. We had an opportunity to share a few laughs, get to know each other, more so our newest team member, Nelisa Luhabe, outside of work. With our tummies fed, we’re all geared up for action, and anything the new year has in store for us. Watch out 2013, the Avengers are here!!!