On The 8th of February 2014, IYWC learners went on a scenic hike up Table Mountain, through Kirstenbosch Gardens. The outing was organised by the Pride of Table Mountain and 41 learners from Makhaza, Masi and Nyanga participated.  The outing provided a good opportunity for the WC learners from the different branches to meet, mingle and get to know each other in a relaxing atmosphere. 

The Pride Projects help to fulfil the need for an environmental education outreach among disadvantaged youth from urban and rural areas. The experience received on the hike helps to instil a sense of pride and responsibility in their natural heritage.

‘If more of us love nature, the environment will take care of itself’

The learners who participated enjoyed themselves immensely, and Mzukisi Gwegwe said the following.  ‘I love nature so I enjoyed learning about the different trees; specifically that our indigenous trees are best for our land. I learnt that some exotic trees suck too much water from the ground and this causes our trees to suffer.’ Another participant highlighted that the outing gave her clear insight on the importance of nature, and she also learnt fun facts, such as the fact the protea, South Africa’s national plant can make ink.

 A huge thank you to Andrea Sanke, Sharon McCullum and the Pride of Table Mountain team, for making this outing a reality.