By Lizile Hams 

IY Makhaza branch conducted pre-exam grade 10 English literacy assessments on Saturday, 30 October. The objective for the evaluation was to gauge each learner’s ability to read, spell and write and to test individual comprehension and reasoning process levels. Since their enrolment at the beginning of the year, the grade 10s demonstrated keen interest in improving their individual abilities to speak, write and read the English language. Credit to a number of interventions from IY volunteers and other visiting professionals, the learners are a least five steps better than they were when they started at IkamvaYouth. More importantly, publicly available research indicates that an improvement in the English language for second language speakers is sure to have a positive impact on how they progress in other learning areas. 

The evaluation took a fun and interactive format and learners enjoyed it thoroughly. To encourage dedicated participation and a spirit of winning, the branch organised prizes for two best performing learners. Branch co-ordinator Mr. Winile Mabhoko could not contain his excitement, “This is not just another grand opportunity for our learners but a great platform for us to prepare them for the final exams in their respective schools,” he said. The evaluation process was moderated by visiting volunteer Mrs. Ayanda Nyoka. With a strong academic background in Communications and Political Science and experience in working with children, she developed an immediate connection with the learners. “IkamvaYouth is doing a sterling job in developing these young minds and I can’t help but feel obliged to come back and contribute more,” she said.