Ikamva youth winter school talent show 2014

“Appreciation can make a day even change a life and a tiny drop of chemical makes an enormous difference.” Unknown

IY believes in making learning fun and providing a friendly environment of learning. We acknowledge that in order for the youth to excel at school, they also need to lead balanced lives in order to function well. Thus we give learners a platform to show case and embrace their artistic skills and talents during the annual winter school programme.

This year it was no exception, the Winter School’s Talent Show was filled with talented presentations in genres ranging from dance, singing, acapella & beat box, poetry, rap, drama to a mix of all these. The acts were both entertaining and educational as they covered themes such as teenage pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse, rape, issues of sexuality & making informed choices and motivation. These were presented  with all sorts of props such as face paints and furnitures. The show was well received, and Ikamvanites were excited about this opportunity. Mr Sipho Dee, from the branch’s sponsor- ABI, was also part of the audience.






The tutors also participated by assisting the leaners choreography and to put these acts together. The panel of judges consisted of tutors and were evaluated the acts based on originality, choice of act,  presentation, talent, appropriate costume, audience reception and entertainment value. The participants were awarded for best performed act, best dance performance, best male singer, best female singer and best spoken word (poetry and rap genre) performance.