On the 27th of November, IkamvaYouth Ebony park branch, together with ABI, hosted a Learner Appreciation Day acknowledging Ikamvanites for the outstanding commitment they have shown in 2013. ABI provided drinks for the event to spice up the year-end celebrations.

The day started well with IkamvaYouth staff thanking learners for being part of the IkamvaYouth Family, for showing commitment, and this has resulted in great improvements in their studies. Ikamvanites came in numbers to collectively celebrate the day. The IkamvaYouth team took an opportunity issuing out certificates to learners based on best platinum attendance, most improved learner and most committed learner. A total number of 15 grade 11 learners received certificates of appreciation with some getting more than one for their improvement and commitment to their studies and towards IkamvaYouth.

Excited after grabbing four certificates, grade 11 learner Phillip Mollo had this to say; “I cannot believe I got so many certificates! I did not anticipate getting more than one but with the hard work I put in my school work and commitment to IkamvaYouth, then there’s no reason for me to think that I don’t deserve so many. I always treasure the opportunity that IkamvaYouth gives to learners”. More learners like Phillip appreciated IkamvaYouth saying they value what the organisation does for them.

The day went on with learners taking photos, playing games, exchanging gifts and enjoying each other’s company also encouraging each other to cherish the opportunity they have with IkamvaYouth and to invite thier brothers and sisters to join IkamvaYouth.

 Once again, IkamvaYouth is, and always will be breaking the cycle of poverty in the townships through education.