Lets compare…

More than a week has passed since Ikamvanites along with their fellow Grade 12’s received their matric results. Whilst Ikamvanites are busy with registration and sorting out their accommodation etc we have taken the time to make some stark comparisons with the results achieved by our Ikamvanites and those achieved by the schools that they attend.

 This is the first comparison of individual schools compared with IkamvaYouth’s results, and is for the Western Cape province. Firstly, this comparison helps to highlight that the IkamvaYouth pass rate in the Western Cape is 21% higher than the national average and 12% higher than the provincial average.

 These figures are even more impressive when one takes into account that the provincial average is based on all schools, including well-resourced schools demonstrating 100% pass rates. If we isolate the schools attended by Ikamvanites (under-resourced schools), the difference is revealed even more starkly.

 In every single case the IkamvaYouth pass rates far exceed the school pass rates. For instance, the majority of Makhaza learners attend Chris Hani Secondary School which performed poorly, with only 44% of matric students passing. However, all the Ikamvanites that attend Chris Hani passed. Such a disparity between school averages and IkamvaYouth’s results speak for themselves.

 In addition if we break down these results into Bachelor, Diploma, and Higher Certificate passes, IkamvaYouth triumphs again by exceeding both the national and provincial averages. Furthermore the same pattern is displayed when comparing to individual school results; IkamvaYouth’s 37% BA pass rate smashes Chris Hani’s 11%.

 So, when these learners are directly compared to the local schools, and compared directly within their context they are achieving overwhelmingly good grades. They are breaking the cycle they are escaping the trap that so many youth fall into because they fail to get that academic and social support that they need.

 Please have your say about these results and comparisons.


  Western Cape IkamvaYouth National Ave Provincial Ave  Chris Hani Sizimisle Sinako Harry Gwala  Isilimela
No. of Learners who wrote: 27 537543   245 108 206 166 202
No. of Learners who passed: 24 366072   107 68 73 75 125
Overall Pass Rate 89% 68% 77% 44% 63% 35% 45% 62%
Bachelor Pass 37% 24% 31% 11% 19% 2% 10% 14%
Diploma Pass 33% 27% 30% 18% 25% 18% 19% 19%
Higher Certificate 15% 17% 15% 15% 19% 15% 16% 29%
Fail/Supplementary 15% 32% 19% 56% 37% 65% 55% 38%