The Makhaza Open day was held on Saturday the 8th of February. A very special day for IkamvaYouth Makhaza as new learners and new parents meet.   It was also great opportunity for the new Ikamvanites and their parents to meet and be inspired by our Tutors and returning learners. The day was divided into two sessions the first was for the parents only followed by the session for learners.

The first session was filled with eager parents. Zukile Keswa (Branch Coordinator) hosted the gathering, welcoming everyone and playing the IkamvaYouth video explainer.  All the programmes that are offered at Makhaza were explained to parents and they were informed about the role that they have to play to insure the success of the programme. Zukile further explained the importance of being involved in the academics of a child even if a parent is illiterate and how that encourages a child to do more as they have a great support system at home. The reception from the parents was overwhelming as they shared how happy they that their kids’ are part of IY. One parent said “I can sleep better a night knowing that my child is getting the most valuable education in life even after I’m no longer in this world”. All in good time we shared.



The second session was just refreshing as you could feel the excitement of the new learners in the hall. The learners were welcomed and few questions were asked: Why did you apply to IY? Why are you here today? The learners responded with such confidence that convinced all of us that 2014 would indeed be a year of greatness. The tutors introduced themselves to the learners, sharing where they had attended High School which seemed to excite the learners, what they were currently doing and subjects they tutor.

The day was a success, so looking forward to the 15th of February when tutoring starts.