The Status of Youth Report 2010 aims to provide comprehensive information on the socio-economic and demographic circumstances of young people in South Africa. The NYDA act specify under section 6(1) that “ The agency must, every three years, submit to the President a report on the status of youth” and subsection 3 of section 6, state that “The President must table the report in Parliament within a reasonable time.

 Tumi “Stumza” Thoka (IvoryPark Branch Exco member) was caught right-hand on camera, networking for IkamvaYouth with Laurein Graham(a PHD student at University of Johannesburg). The consultative forum ensures that the status of youth report provides accurate primary and secondary information on: Who are the youth? Where are they? What do they do? What are their key challenges? What opportunities are available for them? What interventions are necessary to support the youth and create opportunities for them?

 You  are welcome to voice out your views on these issues, the vocal IkamvaYouth delegates will voice them at the forum for the attention of the president.