Hyperion is a South African student based organisation. Their goal is to see IT and Computer Science being promoted more throughout South Africa- starting with Universities and Schools in South Africa.

Hyperion wants to work with IkamvaYouth by training Ikamvanites learners in Gauteng to be star programmers in web development, Python and Java. They offer free training in computer programming and web development to absolutely anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re in high school, university or even a lecturer- they will help you develop IT skills based on your needs. Their entire lessons are done over the internet, you can also arrange one-on-one lessons with their tutors face-to-face or over the internet.

They do not only promote IT and Computer Science, but also donate computers to Schools; currently they are on the verge of donating computers to one of our feeder schools in Gauteng (Tsosoloso Ya Afrika). On the 18th of January, they went to Riverdene Secondary School located in Newlands west. The school was in need of computer equipment and Hyperion was there to donate computers. They currently have resources to fund the installation of about 120 computers for Education purposes.

A number of Ikamvanites took time to look into the program and this is what they had to say;

“It’s essential and beneficial for everyone to have knowledge of IT and Computer Science”-Sfiso Baloyi (tutor)

“It’s a great program for one to familiarize with IT and Computer Science” Kabelo Mashele (Grade 12 Learner)

We hope every learner in South Africa will be equipped with the necessary IT and Computer skills for years to come.


 Written by Michael Thema (Ebony Park Branch Assistant)