Some people come from poor families and because of that they have to leave school and find jobs to support their families at an early age. when you leave school at an early age the is no way you can find a good job so that means you wont get out of poverty you are making it worse. having a low-paying job increases poverty because you wont meet all your basic needs.

Lack of health can also perpetuates poverty because if the breawinner is sick and cannot afford the medicine  then there will be no one who can provide for the family.

Some children lack the information about their careers so they end up doing nothing after thier matric. The government must try to open centers in townships that will help he youth to learn about careers.

Unemployment also perpetuates poverty because some people are unskilled therefore they wont be employed without skills.

The youth can break the cycle by not letting the poverty destroy them. They can go out there and try to find more knowledge. All they have todo is to work hard at school and do better so that they can get bursaries to further their education. the youth can write letters to government about thier issues that they struggle to ovrcome in their education. The youth must inform the government that ther must be people who can bring them careers indabas where they can get more ideas on what they want. There must be more organisations in townships like ikamva because they are scarce.

Joining organisations can break the poverty cycle and the voices of the youth can be heard by the government. Lets us change the situation the we living in and be empowered.