On 22nd May 2010, IkamvaYouth in Makhaza hosted an HIV/AIDS awareness activity in which New Start and Youth AIDS offered their services to our learners and the community. Youth AIDS is an organisation targeting youth in and out of school in the age group between 16-24 years old. This time around they came to introduce themselves to the learners saying, “We are going to work with you fully and well-equipped during the Holiday Programme.”  They are really enthusiastic to work with our learners.

On the other hand, New Start is an organisation that does voluntary counselling and testing while targeting all age groups. They arrived around half past ten in the morning and set up their apparatuses. While tutoring was in continuing, the voluntary counselling and the testing was rolling outside offering their services to the community members from around Makhaza and the tutors who were not engaged at the moment.  After tutoring many of our learners joined the queue, and I must say it was amazing to see our learners brave enough to test in large numbers. This was a very successful day for HIV Awarness and testing for our learners.

-Bopane Lephoto

Head of HIV/AIDS, Makhaza