This past week, Gr 11s at the Nyanga branch enjoyed a refreshing gala event at Zolani Centre. In a bid to foster group cohesion, friendship and greater support, as the learners get into Matric next year, the Nyanga team threw a brunch for the Gr 11 learners.  The learners were paired up with fellow learners and tasked to get to know each other better during the course of the brunch. It was a fun morning, filled with laughter, jokes, music, food and a general festive mood.

Siphelele, Nyanga Branch Assistant, exhorted the learners to support one another with their work across friendship groups. The Gr 11s are looking forward to finishing 2013 stronger than they started, and get into Matric in 2014 a more cohesive group than ever before.

At the end of the dinner, the learners had a lot to say.

‘I want to say thank you, Shu and Siphe for making this effort for us. We enjoyed ourselves and also got to talk to each other, which was good’. (Yanga Kamteni, Gr 11)

‘It was nice to have something like this, because we see that Ikamva is not only about books but also having fun and becoming friends’ ( Banathi Buso, Gr 11)

A big thank you to the Matric class of 2014 for showing up and enjoying the event, and to our tutors Onelisa Qwaka and Bomi Popi who assisted on the day.