On 3rd October 2013 at the celebration of IkamvaYouth’s 10th Anniversary, we had the chance to share Funeka’s Story with Minister Trevor Manuel,  our response to the National Planning Com story of Thandi (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIiRsFYsRcg). While Thandi’s story illustrates the challenges facing the country and the poor outcomes that the majority of South African youth can expect, Funeka’s Story tells a different story, one of hope, and offers a solution to our education crisis.  Minister Manuel was moved to call Funeka’s story, a “story of change”, and went on to say, ” You are the change, the model that works. (Your programme) must be taken forward.”

 Funeka (in pink) waiting to greet Trevor Manuel at IkamvaYouth’s 10 year celebration

Watch this updated version of Funeka’s Story (below) which explains the IkamvaYouth model and the positive impact that our organisation is having on the future for young people participating in our youth-to-youth programme. Share in our Vision 2030 which aims to bring this model to ALL young people people in South Africa. Contact us to get involved and make this vision a reality.

A BIG THANK YOU goes to:

  • Funeka, for sharing your story and being such a professional voice-over artist!
  • Dan Eppel who recorded and mixed the sound
  • Freshly Ground for donating the tunes
  • the staff and interns who helped behind the scenes,

and especially to:

Lynne Stuart for applying her design talents to explain what we do so concisely and beautifully!