On the 11th and 12th of October 2013, Masibonisane visited the Nyanga branch and conducted eye screening for Nyanganites.

The visit was a result of the Nyanga branch committee’s request that learners get their eyes tested, since some learners struggle with their eyesight, leading to difficulty in reading.  29 learners were screened, of whom 8 will get spectacles, generously organized by Masibonisane.

Masibonisane works with previously disadvantaged children all over South Africa, enhancing education through sight. The organisation does this by providing access to optometric evaluation, identifying special needs and referring and/or providing suitable eyewear to participants.  This collaboration with Masibonisane resonates with IY’s Vision 2030, which will be achieved through, amongst other means, collaboration with partner organisations, to ensure that 1 million learners reach and pass Matric by 2030.

IY Nyanga offers a very special thank you to the Masibonisane team for providing this essential service to ikamvanites.