Convincing young people to trust each other is not an easy task. Making them see each other as heroes and and future leaders takes time but when it happens many doors of opportunities open. Sometimes they do things because they’re are told to, some do beacuse they believe. Yet you push until everyone sings the same song. You practise the song until everyone is comfortable and falls inlove with it.

 This has been the case with the Joza Ikamvanites not understanding the importance of peer to peer. It took exam time for our grade 12’s to believe and see the importance of peer to peer. They didn’t take any special pills all they had to do was sit and help each other out. The Joza grade 12’s are now confident they will achieve bachelor passes at the end of the year.

All it takes is preparation,patience and perseverance.

Ikamva lisezandleni zakho.