The excitement begins, everyone eager to share how they feel. Meeting our sponsors for the first time was beautiful and such profound people giving us a hand in turning the country around. Little did they know what IkamvaYouth had in store for them.

We all got to find out what inspires them individually about IkamvaYouth. The amazing abilities we have to transform the things that matter. Can we affect a million people? Surely we can! The ripple effect is an ongoing and never ending effect.

We started by giving an introduction to our vision, then shared our strategies and there were smiles across the room you could literally feel the energy of excitement and the fear of what an impact this is and will be by 2030. Yes 2030! We can see the fruits we’ve planted. So buckle up its going to be an awesome ride. We are proud to be part of this movement that not only changes, but inspires, motivates and encourages people. 

One thing we realised today is that no-one knew where they were going to be today in this time but we are here and we making the most of it and we are going somewhere. Each being has a significant role, or what we call a ‘super power’ that when all combined enlightens the world. It’s like throwing a stone in a pound that ripple effect keeps expanding, now imagine South Africa expanding. IkamvaYouth has worked, is working and clearly going to work for the better.