After the incredible first day of Winter School, everyone was excited about what the second day will bring. Like the first day, everyone met at the Science Faculty around 9 am. The Agenda for the day was discussed and feedback from students and tutors was taken. The Learners were satisfied with what they learnt and how the previous day went. Around 9.30 am, the learners were taken to the Arts Block. The day began with the workshop from Capitec Bank. Learners were exposed to the skills that the employers look for in applicants and career guidance was provided with resume writing, interview tips and so on. In one of the grade 8 classes, English was the subject of the day. After this,  tutors did another exercise and asked them to spell and write words on the blackboard.

Then the lunch break was announced and everyone was excited about what they will get for lunch today. After that it was time for the workshops. We had Andrea who was running history workshop which it was very interesting to the learners. She was lecturing on the different government styles in different parts of the world. She told the students about the importance of knowing about history, different cultures and how they have shaped the world we live in. After the workshop finished, one of the learners said, “She feels that she knows so much more about Africa now and the struggle some countries went through including South Africa to be what it is today.”  WE also had reel lives workshop. They are using media to support education, empowerment and social change. Learners got the opportunity to watch videos that were made by other Ikamvanites.


A grade 11 learners said that I am real enjoying winter school especial tutoring.