It was a fun and educational morning for our learners as Capitec bank graced us with their presence at UWC.  The aim of the workshop was to equip the learners and make them aware that there are always obstacles in every short or long term goal that they want to accomplish. The learners participated in exercises cultivating their knowledge about saving and budgeting, in order to overcome those obstacles and have greater success. Pumeza Joja, one of the tutors said, “The workshop was exciting and very informative; it gave the learners a sense of direction regarding what they are studying, and helped them have a plan of action in line with those goals”. The Capitec team also imparted budgeting skills together with teaching on how to differentiate between needs and wants. “Capitec has given me a skill that I’ll be able to use every day, especially when I’m working and earning my own money” added Noluthando Nkebetwana a grade 10 learner. Thanks to Capitec our Nyanganites are now financially aware.