Here at IkamvaYouth we know that our alumni are an essential part of our success. We cannot emphasise enough how valuable this team of Ikamvanites are! With many returning to volunteer their services as tutors at branches across the country, we are incredibly proud of these young men and women.

Under the leadership of National Alumni Coordinator, Lewis Mash, Ikamva managed to track 70% of Ikamva’s alumni, conducting a survey to properly assess their post-Ikamva progress.

In this study we have concluded that in comparison with national averages, Ikamva’s alumni have greater chances of improved lives. We have also learned that Ikamvanites have a first year drop out rate of 17.5%, which is less than half the national average. Each year, more than 60% of Ikamvanites enrolled at tertiary institutes either graduate, or pass all required courses and progress to the next year of study.

For this and other interesting findings, which include how we can improve on our shortcomings, read our Alumni Report today. 

Thank you to all Alumni who participated in the survey, and especially those that generously serve as tutors at IkamvaYouth branches nationwide.