We are in the Internet generation – a time where being savvy with technology and with all thing “e-” related is absolutely essential. Our reliance on the post office and on print has gone done sharply, and now… we are web-based in almost every way. Social networking has always been a major step to opening opportunities to the future, and now, the internet has provided the perfect medium to have an enormous social network. Because of this, we at IkamvaYouth have revamped our Operation Fikelela and included more than just Microsoft Office and typing to our computer literacy curriculum. We understand that students don’t only need to know how to type correctly, use a spreadsheet, create a CV, etc., but that they also need to know how to navigate the internet and use it for communication. 

We began with our 9th and 10th graders. IkamvaYouth Intern Christopher Fan facilitated a computer literacy session on 5 August 2010 to give each 9th and 10th grader his or her very own email address as well as facebook profile. The reasoning behind this was simple: social networking and increased communication ability will provide more opportunities. Christopher facilitated the proper style of email account (names and surnames as opposed to names such as babymama or igotswagger) to make it both easy to remember as well as professional. Afterwards, Christopher had all students create a facebook account and then advised them to friend each other as well as fellow Ikamvanite interns and tutors. 

We are proud to welcome our students to the Internet Age!