IY Ikageng Hosts a NSFAS Information Session

IY Ikageng Hosts a NSFAS Information Session

National Student Financial Aid Scheme information session at Ikageng IY:

We were privileged to have Ms Cynthia Leshomo and Ntate Nkosaphantsi from N.W.U (North  West University), bursary department. Our guests shared and clarified general bursary application processes, particularly the National Student Financial Aid Scheme with our Grade 12 learners.

Our ikamvanites were keen to find out how to qualify for NSFAS, do they need to apply each year or does a single application cover all three years of tertiary, does the financial aid cover all the student expenses or tuition? When does a learner have to pay back and what happens if there is a delay in gaining employment? Should the full amount of the financial aid be paid back?   Armed with information, all the grade 12s saw NSFAS as a conduit to achieving their dreams and reaching their goals. All our matrics are completing the application process of financial support.

Twelve(12) learners have applied to North West University,  10-University of Johannesburg and Tshwane University of Technology received 7 applications, now that tertiary affordability has been addressed.

Ikamva Youth,Ikageng branch would like to thank Ms Cynthia and Ntate Nkosaphantsi from North West University for availing themselves and engaging our Grade 12’s Ikamvanites.

IY Learners and Parents Working Together to Address the Challenges Faced by  Grade 12’s

IY Learners and Parents Working Together to Address the Challenges Faced by Grade 12’s

The Ikageng branch held a Grade 12 learners and parent meeting on the 30th August 2014 at our tutoring venue, Thembalidansi Primary School. The aim of the meeting was to discuss Grade 12 learner challenges and jointly formulate solutions to address their issues.

Our learners mentioned the a lack of clarity of the role of the parent with applications  curriculum gaps created chapters not thoroughly covered at school, learner time management, low self-esteem due to personal circumstances as part of the challenges they are faced with. The parents, learners, tutors and staff discussed the challenges and some of the solutions were the following;

–         Parents understand they need to part of each decision made by learners, from choosing careers to retrieving reports from schools. The branch will introduce motivational video “ice breakers” every Saturday to keep learners motivated…..WATCH THIS SPACE..!!!

We held an Interview with one of our Ikamvanite parents: M.s  S.M Makale , parent of Lerato Makale-  2014 IY Matriculant, to understand her views of the Grade 12 learners and parents meeting.