We have volunteering opportunities at all our branches in five provinces. You can volunteer as:

a Tutor

You will support learners with their homework and can focus on subjects you are strong at. If you want to sign-up and receive more information about tutoring.

a Mentor

You will support a Grade 12 learner to realise their dreams for the future. Practically, this means, ensuring that your mentee applies to at least three post-school opportunities.

Computer Literacy

If you would like to support learners to become computer literate by tutoring at our computer labs.

Volunteers are a treasured resource and their contributions have made IkamvaYouth what it is today.

Should you wish to volunteer your time to IkamvaYouth, there are many benefits to be gained, you will:

  • Build your character, self-esteem, self-confidence and strengthen your leadership skills;
  • Develop your capacity as a facilitator, public speaker and education practitioner;
  • Join a family and a great network of people who will be there to support you;
  • Meet other tutors who have the same commitment towards the next generation;
  • Meet a range of people from school learners, to parents, to school and community members;
  • Bolster your CV with work experience which will be very useful to you getting a job;
  • Be exposed to opportunities for bursaries, jobs and other educationational opportunities;
  • Touch the lives and make a real impact on the lives of learners from disadvantaged communities and build their homes and dreams be being a role model.

If you volunteer as a tutor, and do not have funds to cover the cost of getting to the branch, we will reimburse you your travel costs.

What qualifications do you need to volunteer?

We prefer all of our volunteers to have passed Grade 12 and be studying for, or have, a tertiary qualification.

How much time do you need to commit?

  • As a tutor, we would prefer you to volunteer at least once a week and certainly those volunteers who have the most rewarding experience at IkamvaYouth come often.
  • As a mentor, you will need to meet with your mentee at least once a month.