The experience with Zoe-Life and their ICS volunteers was amazing and educational to both tutors and learners that were involved in the workshop. We were taught different types of bullying; emotional bullying; physical bullying; cyber bullying; and also sexual bullying. IkamvaYouth learners were engaged on an educational game that dealt with the use of drugs and alcohol, and how it can affect your life, people around you and your body and mind.

Learners got an opportunity to ask questions pertaining to their lives or what they are currently facing. The ICS crew delivered in terms of reaching out to the IkamvaYouth learners, helping them in understanding what bullying is, the effects that it has; what drugs are and how they can destroy your life; what alcohol is, and how it can harm one’s life. They ran another workshop covering issues around HIV and AIDS and these workshops really made an impact on the Ikamvanites and we are grateful as IkamvaYouth Chesterville.