On the 28th of July, at the Zolani Centre all the IkamvaYouth Western Cape branches met together for our annual talent show/ sport/ debating event.


The day was filled with fun activities such as singing, dancing, soccer, debate, chess and drama. The three branches- Nyanga, Makhaza and Masiphumelele, competed against each other. Nyanga branch was the host and the defending champion. Even though the Western Cape winter school is held in 3 different venues, the talent show is held in one venue where the competition was tough and all the branches came prepared to win. As the day went on we saw many acts from all the branches, some fierce soccer skills, and contentious debate. At the end of the day, however, there could only be one winner.


This year the Makhaza branch emerged victorious! Both its debating teams won against Nyanga and Masiphumelele. A grade 10 learner Gcobisa said of the debate, “It was so exciting. One of the things I enjoyed was meeting Ikamvanites from other branches. I was part of the winning debating team. Even though I was nervous as I was debating for the first time in my life I did great. I will continue debating, because debating increases my self-esteem and builds my confidence. Also, it felt so good to see other fellow Makhaza Ikamvanites supporting me while I was on stage.”