Umlazi SPW 2013


On the 20th and 21st of April, Umlazi held its first ever SPW. Attendance was good as the event was attended by over 20 volunteers and 4 learners from across the grades.

Saturday kicked off with a little activity to get the blood flowing and energy levels a little higher, the ground rules and expectation were outlined by the team and put up on the walls. After we spoke about the Timeline of IkamvaYouth, the team broke up into groups and we got into the values discussion. Each group of 4-5 had one value to look into; they discussed what it meant to them and how it shows up at the branch.


The remainder of Saturday was spent going over the current issues at the branch. Everyone had a chance to put their view/concern on paper and stick it on our working wall. We also managed to cover overviews of the various portfolios and their functions.


Day 2 saw the team going through the budget and nominating and voting for the 2013 portfolio heads. Once the portfolio heads were elected, they each had a group work with them to discuss the objectives for the year for each respective portfolio. After lunch, each team presented their work to the team and took questions from everyone.

That saw us come to the end of our very first SPW. We are looking towards building on the energy of the event, especially the new tutors who say the experience was inspiring and informative for them.


Everyone seemed to be very amped throughout the weekend; the energy was good and productive. The team managed to cover everything we had hoped to go through with the participants, and quite a lot of ideas and objectives were put on the table. Now it is time to put all our ideas into action. 

Please find the full SPW Report attached here -> umlazi_spw_2013_report.doc