SPW Blog Umlazi

On the 1st and 2nd of April 2015 Umlazi held its 4th annual Strategic Planning. The two day event is used to come up with strategic plans for the rest of the year at the branch. The event was attended by 17 tutors and learner reps.


On day one the group covered the timeline of the organisation and the Umlazi branch. This activity serves to show tutors and learners how the organisation and branch has grown over the years into what we see today.

Following this we did an exercise to highlight we exist and what the burning issues are at the branch. This was done in groups and followed by feedback discussions with the rest of the group, then a short break.

The values of the organisation were then discussed in separate groups. Each group had to feedback on what the value means and how it should show up at the branch. Before lunch we further discussed the values as a big group to flesh them out.

After the break each portfolio was then introduced and discussed by the small groups. This time they went in more details to talk about what works and doesn’t work at the branch (as per portfolio). Portfolio groups then asked to present the issues the branch had and on day the issues were tackled and ideas came up with solutions.


The proposed ideas were then presented to the group and targets were set from them. The group closed off the day with elaborate discussion of the targets and the people responsible for each one. The portfolio heads were then selected for the various portfolios and Lunch was delivered to end of the session. That brought our Strategic planning to a close.