Tsiba Report


EDUCATION AND LIBERATION When we arrived at the June 16th Celebrations, it felt like we had stepped back into 1976 Sharpeville riots. This is true; when one considers that you are standing next to Antoinette Sithole, Hector Peterson’s sister. We find out that Hector Peterson’s traditional Xhosa name was Zolani. She told us about the day her brother was shot .She encouraged us to live a fulfilling life and to get educated because “…without education you are nothing.”

Antoinette also told us about the incorrect manner in which the nation is celebrating Youth Day/June 16. “It’s as if people are celebrating my brother’s death. It was inspiring as she explained that one’s background does not determine your future when it comes to education, especially with endless financial possibilities, like bursaries which are available. An interesting part of our day was when parents and children conversed in a quiz. One of the questions which was posed was, how do you feel about education in this democratic era?


MANDELA DAY On the 13th of July, we celebrated Mandela Day. As part of the Tsiba Project, we had to choose a practical project which we would assist for 67 Minutes. As Masiphumelele representatives, we chose to clean the Muizenberg beach. We wrote a message to Madiba, wishing him a speedy recovery. Our facilitators arrives and took pictures of what we had done, after which we returned to Tsiba. We were then addressed by a speaker who told us about how his grandmother taught him to achieve the seemingly impossible. For example, in the old days, women were not allowed to become lawyers. He notably also informed us that, without energy, a human being cannot function. We had a brilliant day!