Polly Saul came flying in to Masi 3 months ago to engage Ikamvanites in philosophy. With the assistance of Zoe Mann they delivered a course on the love of thought. Pondering expressions and inquisitive questions became the order of the day for the 11 participants on Thrusday afternoons. The sessions encouraged the learners to discuss questions, develop concepts and delve deeper into subjects they have never before given the time to.

 The discussions were enthralling. Questions like; ‘what is certain in life?’; ‘What is evil?’; And ‘If we have a choice are we free?’ were generated throughout the last few months. As well as heated discussions about the Information Bill, Zuma’s many wives, and the value of culture in today’s society. A mind-blowing amount was discussed and many topics and ideas arose. Along with this many quotes were posed to the learners to get their philosophical juices bubbling in their minds. The favourite seemed to be ‘Nobody can be made to feel inferior without their permission’.

 It has no doubt broadened their minds and started to provoke philosophical questions in everyday life. Their participation has improved their English skills, self-esteem, vocabulary, and the sense of self-belief is through the roof. We hope that we can continue this programme next year with a new group to crack open more young minds!