Thanks to the generosity of donors and bidders the IkamvaYouth Foodie Auction raised R48,150 for IkamvaYouth’s holiday programmes.


Those who were at The Book Lounge on Thursday 24th March, and those who have seen the documentary about IkamvaYouth, or seen their work in action will realise the effect these programmes have on township youth. To raise R48,150 toward the holiday programmes is a great contribution to these programmes. 

At 6pm the wonderful store on Roeland Street started filling up. With bidders perusing the lots downstairs, whilst umming and ahhing, and making strategic bids in the silent auction. Upstairs was where the action took place. After a small talk from Ikamvanite and board member Thobela Bixa and brief screening of the IkamvaYouth film, everyone was ready for the live auction to commence!

Rob Van Vuuren joined the party and seemed to persuade, coax, and even force people to part with their hard earned cash, with promises of karma and a great sex life! It seemed to do the trick. The generosity of bidders was astounding; hands being thrust in the air repeatedly and simultaneously, in a crazy modern dance. 

Conrad Hicks stood in shock as his iron pan crept up and up to reach a total of R2100. The Soceiti Bistro 3 day package shot up to R4400, and Queen of Tarts promise of a cake became entangled in an intense bidding war, resulting in a monumental bid of R2600.

It was a brilliant night, with just the right amount of fun and frivolity and all for a great cause. The total amount raised on the night was R48,150, which will contribute to 3 June/JulyWinter School’s at the Western Cape branches, reaching approximately 300 learners with career guidance, tutoring, excursions, workshops, and general new and exciting activities.

Huge thanks to the people who made the Foodie Auction happen: Carrington Broeman, Steffie Roehrs and Zoe Mann. And to Rob for volunteering to prise money from peoples purses!

On behalf of the learners, the staff and the volunteers who helped with the auction we thank all who attended, and all the donors for making the IkamvaYouth Foodie Auction a real success. 

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