Over the last few weeks the MasiphumeleleLibrary has been honored with title of Community Library, which promotes it from its position as satellite library of Fish Hoek to a library in its own right. This is a mark of the hardwork and perserverence that has developed the library from a room full of books to a vibrant, dynamic community centre. As a result of this hard work Susan Alexander has been given the position of Head Librarian (a role she was born to fill). We are so excited to have Sue here full-time and to build on the fantastic partnership between IkamvaYouth and the library.

This transition does come at a cost… 

Sue arrives boxes and all, in the next couple of weeks and will throw us from our office – oh the cheek! Lonely, we will wander the courtyard crying out for a space to work!

Okay, the situation isn’t THAT bad, and Sue is in fact giving us a new office space. However, we are left furniture-less. If you or anyone you know is sitting with a desk,  a cupboard, shelf unit, or office chairs (or all of the above if they are some bizarre hoarder of office related items) then please please get in touch with me and contribute to IkamvaYouth’s operations at the Masi Library. 

We are looking for donations to furnish the office to make it a functional space for staff, volunteers and learners. 


Specifically we require; 1 or 2 desks, a lock cupboard, and 2 chairs

Contact me on 0798838854 or email me zoe@ikamvayouth.org 

Thank you! Enkosi! Dankie! 


The beautiful new IkamvaYouth office space. Please help to furnish it.